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Spring into Spring Promotion!

Get 10% off your first Equine MagnaWave session!

Better blood flow & oxygenation

Cold winter temperatures are slowly giving way to warmer spring weather here in New England.   And with this comes the return to outdoor riding, more focussed prep for the summer show season and, of course, spring silliness in the paddocks! All of which can take a toll on our horses' bodies. Regular PEMF sessions stimulate cell action which improves oxygenation and blood flow.  This ensures that they stay working at their best and reduces the chance of over-exertion and strains.

Faster recovery from stresses

Whether it's a training session to get ready for show season, a trail ride on a warm day or silliness in the paddock, spring is full of opportunities for strains or injuries from over-exertion.  MagnaWave PEMF works to relieve inflammation resulting from a workout or playtime by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Spring Roses

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